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Mohammed bin Salman approves the direction of Darin and Tarut and agrees to establish an institution for their development.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman announced the adoption of the Darin and Tarut Island development orientation and future initiatives for the island, as well as the establishment of the Darin and Tarut Island Development Corporation.

And the Saudi press agency SPA said the crown prince’s approval included a proposed budget of 2.644 billion rials to diversify the economy.

According to SPA, the development orientation of the island, located on an area of ​​32 square kilometers and inhabited by 120,000 people, includes identifying the components and comparative and competitive advantages of the island in three main areas for drawing the future of the islands of Darin and Tarut, namely: the preservation of cultural -historical heritage of the island. Revitalization of natural and ecological objects. Improving the quality of life and developing the tourism economy.

And “SPA” pointed out that 19 more quality initiatives have been developed in order to achieve the development goals of the island. In terms of culture, Darien Castle and the airport will be developed as heritage tourism destinations, as well as several culture and heritage festivals. will take place on the island, in addition to the creation of several walking paths that pierce the historical areas of the island. Environment The largest mangrove forest will be created on the shores of the Persian Gulf, as well as a number of hotels and eco-lodges. will be created in natural areas, in addition to improving the quality of life on the island through the construction of roads, infrastructure and public parks, including several playgrounds and modern sports facilities.

The adoption of a development orientation is expected to have a significant economic and social impact in the region, contributing to an increase in gross domestic product of an average of 297 million rials per year, increasing the number of tourists to 1.36 million tourists by 2030 and providing thousands of jobs in addition to allocating up to 48% of the island’s area for squares, public parks, embankments, roads and facilities, SPA reports.

And “SPA” highlighted the island’s historical importance as it is over 5,000 years old and includes over 11 heritage sites as Darin Port is one of the oldest ports in the region and was previously known as a seaport and an active market as it was a warehouse goods such as musk, perfumes, fabrics and spices.

Source: “SPA”


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