Moldovan Presidency: Bulgaria will allow Moldova to transport gas from Turkey and Greece

On Thursday, Moldova signed an agreement with Bulgaria to transport natural gas through a gas transmission system owned by the Bulgarian company Bulgartransgaz, which allows gas to be pumped from Turkey and Greece to Moldova.

During a joint press conference with her Bulgarian counterpart Rumen Radev, Moldovan President Maia Sandu welcomed the signing of the gas transportation agreement, saying: “I welcome the cooperation agreement signed today between the Moldovan company Energocom and the Bulgarian gas transmission system operator Bulgartransgaz.

This means that we have created the technical ability to buy gas from other sources,” she added. “This feat will strengthen our energy independence and help us be more resilient to the current crisis,” Sandow said.

For his part, Radev pointed out that the capacity of the Bulgarian gas transmission system is more than enough to transport gas from Bulgaria to Moldova. “This means that the concluded contract allows access to LNG at the terminals of Greece and Turkey,” he said, adding that Moldova will be able to buy gas and Bulgaria to transport it.

Source: TASS