Mondial Eugene: the last chance to strengthen the Arab balance is the Egyptian Abdel Rahman and the two Algerians Sajati and Mawla

Eugene (USA): On Saturday the Arabs’ eyes will turn to Egyptian Ihab Abdel Rahman and Algerians Jamal Sagati and Suleiman Moulay, the last hope to increase their yields at the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, USA. The Arabs have only won two medals so far, and they were Yellow Metal, through Qatari Moataz Barshim in the jump in high and the Moroccan Sofiane El Bakkali in the 3000 hedges. Arab hopes in general, and Egyptian in particular, depend on Abdel Rahman, who placed himself on the medal table for the first time in his history in the Beijing 2015 edition, when he won the throw of the silver javelin, which is the only one for the Pharaohs so far in the world of marriage. Abdul Rahman booked his third card in the first round qualifiers with a throw of 83.41m, just behind the qualifiers, the Indian Neeraj Chopra, Tokyo Olympic champion last summer (88.39m), and the Czech Jacob Vadlic, his runner-up (85.23 m). He finished fifth in general classification behind the leader Anderson Peters of Granada, the champion in charge of the last edition (89.91 m) and to the German Julian Weber (87.28 m). “I just need luck,” Abdel Rahman told AFP, “I’m happy to have qualified for the final, despite the heat. in this moment in Eugene. I feel in good shape and I can get a better number. “He added:” I am happy with my qualification, although my preparations were not good, especially since I suffered an elbow injury late last year and underwent surgery at the end of last year. ‘beginning of quest’year. ”Ihab, 33, added:“ Fortunately I recovered quickly and returned to competitions. I have great confidence in myself and in my qualifications to get the best and compete for one of the three medals. “And he added:” Since I returned from disqualification, I have followed step by step and have regained strength and splendor thanks to the support of my family, my friends and my team “, referring to his two-year ban for doping (2016-2018), noting that” it’s a page that has become a thing of the past and I don’t want to go back to talking about it. ” managed to get good results, but I was not lucky because I finished the Olympics in thirteenth place, “he stressed. He added:” My ambition (to Eugene) was to qualify for the round final and compete in the top eight, but when I went to qualifiers today, I felt I could compete for a medal and all I needed was just success from God. “- At least one medal – In the 800m race , Algerians Moula Wesjati did what would have allowed them to be in the top three in Saturday’s final race. Bene Mawla and Sajati in semifinal, after each of them has passed their group in rule: the first in the third with a time of 1: 44.89 was the fastest in qualifying, ahead of the Canadian Marco Arup, second in the same group (1: 45.12 d), and the second of the second group with a time of 1: 45.44 minutes against the French Gabriel Toyal (1: 45.53 minutes). Mola and Sajati also passed the sixth and fourth rounds in the first round on Wednesday, with times of 1: 44.90 and 1: 46.39 respectively. The two riders expressed their great joy at having managed to reach the final stage in a milestone for Algerian athletics in this race, as it is the first time that two riders have participated in the final stage. Algeria wanted the soul to regain the world title over distance after Jaber Said Al-Qarni had done so in the 2003 edition of Paris, knowing they had won the bronze in race in the 1999 edition of Seville. level and I managed to honor Algeria and I hope we will do the same thing again in final and get a medal for the minimum. “For his part, Sajati, who was crowned gold medal at the Mediterranean Games hosted by his country last month, said:” Praise God, my hopes were not disappointed and my efforts were not wasted. I managed to reach the round final, and I will continue to raise the national flag and honor Algerian and Arab athletics. “It will not be an easy task for Mola and Sagati in final, with the presence of the Kenyan trio Emmanuel Kipkoroi Kurier, gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics last summer, Emmanuel Wanyni and Wycliff Kenyamal Kisasai. Currier, Wanyone and Kinyamal hope to follow in the footsteps of the keeper of the record David Rudisha, who won world gold in 2011 and 2015. (AFP)