Monstrous Surprise in Father of Resident Evil Remake Demo: Are You Ready?

Alone in the Dark Remake: The Return of a Horror Classic

Alongside Alan Wake and Resident Evil 4, another horror game “monster” will do son grand back to 2023… It’s even the most illustrious of all, since it’s Alone in the Dark – the French Infogrames title that inspired Capcom’s license. On October 25, this video game monument will rise from its ashes thanks to a remake on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. Can’t wait any longer? Don’t worry, THQ Nordic and the studio “Pieces Interactive” just shared a ten-minute playable prologue. Everything is available for free on all three media.

Chills guaranteed

For this preview, the player is in control of the young Grace Sanders, resident of the Decerto Manor (at the time introduced in Alone in the Dark 2). A person who – like the building that houses him – does not seem to be going well… In the first seconds of the demo, this one tinkers with a gloomy mask using a novel “Alone in the Dark”, and his works ofart, hung on the wall, are hardly more reassuring. In the 1st trailer for the remake, released in August 2022, Grace even had fun hanging her dolls | to put on herself, the noose around her neck. The icing on the cake, the child does not seem in any way disturbed by the terrifying events that occur at the mansion.

Because yes, Decerto is not a very crowded place… During his few minutes of play, we had cold sweats more than once! From what we have seen, the atmosphere has been the subject of particular carewhether in terms of direction artistic or design sound – even if there are some odd techniques. “The goal is always to create a mystery, right? Something that is more than a few jump scares” notes Mikael Hedberg, director of the project, in the of May 25-26, 2023. On this point, this overhaul promises to be under the best auspices.

2 actors at the top

Another point which appears super solid (and thaton didn’t necessarily wait): the acting. We learned it during the famous Spotlight… the actors David Harbor (Jim Hopper in the series Stranger Things) and Jodie Corner (The Last Duel, Free Guy) will camp the two main roles, namely the private detective Edward Carnby, Emily Hartwood. It is also this one who is invited to come to the Decerto Manor, after having received a strange letter from son uncle, Jeremy Hartwood. In the title finalplayers will have the opportunity to switch heroes, each bringing a different light to the scenario.

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