More leaked details about Fortnite HighTower event: “Coming very soon”


The Fortnite Season 3 event, HighTower, might be ramping-up very soon.


2 days earlier


According to reports from the Fortnite information mining community, the most current update –– v1340 –– is the last update of Season 3. This implies that Season 3 is on track to be the first season in Chapter 2 to end onschedule Even if it’& rsquo; s(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )by a week, it will be far much shorter than either(*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )the previous 2 seasons.

Data minersfound someevent files(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )the most currentpatch, indicating a season-endingevent that & rsquo; s(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )to get underway faster instead of later on. The first batch of leakages were mainly consisted of of strings of code. We discovered that the event has the code word “& ldquo;HighTower & rdquo; which craters will begin to appear around the map. You can have a look at our preliminary wrap-up here.

Ever since, information miners have actually been looking carefully at these files. There seems a rift that will begin to establish in the sky and grow over time –– comparable to what we saw with the first rift in Chapter 1.

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The rift will appear either over The Firm or Mount Kay and should get in the game “& ldquo;verysoon, & rdquo; according to Hypex.

After double monitoring, the Rift is not gon na be above the firm, it just looks like it. its in fact where i marked the “O” in this photo. now this might indicate something or absolutely nothing. photo.twitter com/FA0Wr6t2FW

—– HYPEX (@HYPEX) August 6, 2020

Epic have actually been a fan of concealing some hints in spectrograms because the start of the Fortnite story. We’& rsquo; ve seen numerous images come out of spectrograms dating back to Chapter 1 Season 4.

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The sound of this rift develops an image in a spectrogram. All that’& rsquo; s noticeable is a shadowy figure, who will certainly expose himself by the end of the season –– or at the start of the next season.

According to Hypex, we should also begin to see the runes appear around The Firm reasonablysoon We might also see a crater appear near Salty Springs, a “& ldquo; fracture(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )thesky & rdquo;over Risky Reels, and a new HighTower POI to the south of The Firm.

Another leakage prior to i go to sleep. these will appear in the map very soon!

Fracture: its the Rift in the sky from my previous tweet
Crater_POI: is an encrypted small POI
Hightower: i’m not truly sure, i may be wrong on that one
The Dots: they are 6 Runes like the one in the pic photo.twitter com/b53 OBD5Vjh

—– HYPEX (@HYPEX) August 6, 2020

Given That this is the final patch of Season 3, this may be all of the details we find out prior to the runes, pois, fractures, and rifts start to appear in-game After that, we’& rsquo; ll most likely need to wait for the season-ending event.

As far as what the event will bring –– your guess is as good as ours. No one anticipated that we’& rsquo;d be rising to another airplane of presence at the end of Season 2, so we’& rsquo; re not even going to hypothesize about where Season 3 will bringus Send Out us your best theories on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.


Are Siona and the crashed ship from Chapter 1 Season 3?


1 day earlier


August 7, 2020

The style of Fortnite Season 3 is apparent: a flood took over the map and it’& rsquo; s gradually declining. There also seems a focus on fire, although that might be thought about an extra game mechanic instead of a style.

If we’& rsquo; ve discovered anything over the past couple of seasons, nevertheless, it’& rsquo; s that the main styleof a specific season seldom ends up impacting the plot in the way we believe. Just look back at Season 2. All of us presumed that there was a war developing in between Ghost and Shadow. In the end, all of it appeared to be a ploy to conceal Midas’ & rsquo;true intention: breaking the storm.

Those who appearance past the surface-level style of Season 3 will observe a couple of things that put on’& rsquo; t completely fit. We have the next generation of managers, Aquaman, a new Coral Castle POI –– all of which fit the water style and continue the basic story from Season 2.

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(*********’) What doesn & rsquo; t fit the style, nevertheless, is Siona, her set, and the crashed spaceshipoutside(*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )Craggy Cliffs. All of these appear to fit the Chapter 1. Season 3 style instead of that of Chapter 2 Season 3.

Well, what if that’& rsquo; s precisely where Siona and the crashed spaceship originated from? What if they were initially from the Chapter 1 map –– lost in space when everybody else was carried through the Great void. It took them a bit longer to get to the new map, however they found their way.

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Reddit user, Jerk banner, and total Fortnite tradition specialist, Koooooomar, pieced together both Season 3 styles using one, basic sign: the one found on the back of the boots of the Chapter 1 Season 3 astronauts. This is the very same sign on the top of the crashed rocket from Chapter 2 Season 3.

What does this mean for completion of Season 3? Where did the ship go when it took off? Back to the original Fortnite map? We put on’& rsquo; tknowforsure, however we might be closer than we believe to getting the answer.

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We anticipate the upcoming HighTower event to directly attend to the crashed spaceship. As held true with the Ghost and Shadow war, we believe the flood is a diversion from what’& rsquo; s truly taking place on the island.

As for what all of this implies –– your guess is as good as ours. In the meantime, we can just presume that Siona and the crashed ship left the Chapter 1 map throughout Season 3 –– getting here on the new map in time for the very same season. Are we still in the loop? “& ldquo; When I hear this again, will it help me keep in mind? Or as soon as looped, will I be just as mutes as the others?”& rdquo;


The introof vehicles has actually brought(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )the most significant missing aspectinFortnite: lighthearted enjoyable.


1 day earlier


August 7,2020

TheFortnite v1340update broughtoneof the most awaiteditems to thegame: vehicles. Players had high expectationsfor vehiclesinFortnite, and the completed item didn & rsquo; t dissatisfy.

Withone basicitem, Epic fixedoneof the most significant issues that were afflictingFortnitefor the longest time: everybody cared excessiveabout winning. For nearly all of Chapter 2, one of the most enjoyable part of the game was getting awin This wasn’& rsquo; t constantly the case(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )Fortnite

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(********* )Given that the execution of skill- based matchmaking, Fortnite players got a lot more major about getting wins. Late-game public matches mirrored low-level Arena games, with players boxing-up and attempting to endure up until completion.

In some methods, it appears like Epic supported this environment in Chapter 2. The loot pool was constant and basic for one of the most part –– with very couple of items committed to having a good time. The days of wacky plays appeared to be over, unless we were playing the Unvaulted LTM.

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With the release of vehicles, nevertheless, we saw players concentrating on something that appeared to be lost within the Fortnite community: having a good time.

We’& rsquo; re seeing taxi services, strengthened gasoline station, car battles, and whatever in in between. Some players put on’& rsquo; t appear to care if they get the(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ), as long as they can have a good time in theirmatch That utilized to be what Fortnite was about.

Have a look at this next clip, for circumstances. All of these players are attempting to complete the challenge of driving from Retail to Pleasant. Just a week earlier, it didn’& rsquo; t appear(***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )something like this would be possible.

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As the title of the Reddit post states, it’& rsquo; s enjoyable to control a lobby however it’& rsquo; s farmore amusing to laugh your way through a match –– win or lose.

This clip from SypherPK spoke withus He’& rsquo; s daydreaming about how this Fortnite update would be if all of the big names were still playing thegame Imaging TimtheTatman getting run down by CourageJD or DrLupo striking a moving headshot with a Searching Rifle.

Characters like these have, mainly, left Fortnite, however we’& rsquo; re all still here. We can have these minutes in our games with our pals. Players are going back to discover that the sweaty game they left is enjoyable again; all due to the fact that of one new aspect.

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Automobiles will ultimately get old and players will start ending up being more major,again Ideally, Epic can continue to develop easy going updates like this one and keep the ambiance that we’& rsquo; re all sensation today. Automobiles brought the enjoyable back toFortnite Let’& rsquo; s hope that it remains around for a while.


Comics are most likely heading to Fortnite faster instead of later on –– with Thor being the first issue.


2 days earlier


August 6, 2020

The most current Fortnite update, v1340, brought us a ton of leakages that indicate what the future of the game will hold. We currently covered the 30+ new fish types found in the game files, however they weren’& rsquo; t the onlynew principle that was consisted of in the patch.

Data miners also found reference of a “& ldquo; ComicReader & rdquo;(*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )the files. This would, naturally, recommend that legible comics will be heading to Fortnite in the near future.

2 days ago an unidentified source (not like old source) informed me that legible Comics will concern Fortnite at some time, and today’s update has actually a file called”ComicReader” 🤔

—– HYPEX (@HYPEX) August 5, 2020

We have more than just a line of text. Obviously, those who switch accounts on Xbox (and perhaps PS4) will be welcomed with a glitched cut-scene. Certainly, this is not suggested to be in the game, just.

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We can see where the new comics will lie in the Battle Pass tab, along with what will take place when you click them. What will these comics hold? Well, we have some hints as to that.

Will these comics be original content? We’& rsquo; re(****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )that someof them will, however we also have some leakages that indicate real comics pertaining toFortnite Now, they appear to be Marvel Comics.

Data miner, Hypex, has actually been leading these leakages. He had the ability to use the fuzzy image of a Fortnite comics to discover out the real comic that they originated from. This one seems a Thor comic.

With all of this details available, we’& rsquo;d be amazed if Epic didn’& rsquo; t release comics prior to Season 4. We anticipate the Season 4 secret Fortnite skin to relate to the in-game comics.

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All of this points to Thor being the possible Season 4 secret skin. Fans were currently thinking about this when they saw what Captain America left behind in his release trailer –– a glyph that looked noticeably comparable to Thor’& rsquo; s glyph from one of his movies.

Naturally, this is just speculation. In the meantime, all we know for sure is that Epic are intending on including comics to Fortnite, soon –– with Thor likely being the topic of their firstissue As constantly, we’& rsquo; ll keep you posted when we find out more.

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