More than 1,400 dolphins killed in Faroese hunting, arousing new anger over old tradition

The hunt for dolphins has been around for centuries practice in the Faroe Islands.

But the tradition is facing fresh control na more than 1,400 of the aquatic mammals were killed on Sunday in An record-breaking slaughter die has sparked outrage among local residents and global environmental movements.

The hunt in the North Atlantic Islands is not done for commercial purposes and is authorized by the government, but even die who support the practice expressed concern about this year’s event can give rise to more control.

The 18 rocky islands, halfway between Scotland and Iceland, are semi-independently and partly of the Danish Empire.Sea Shepherd / via AP

for hundreds of year, residents of the Faroe Islands participated in the annual hunting tradition, die known as the “gravel”, of grindadráp in Faroese. It sees pilot whales, the second largest species of dolphins die the orcas followed, and other dolphins gathered in fjords before they were stabbed to death.

The remote the tradition of the island was brought to global public in the Netflix documentary “Seaspiracy” earlier this year.

According to the Faroese government, the practice is “fully regulated” and considered “sustainable”, with about 600 pilot whales and 250 white-sided dolphins caught on average each year over the past two decades.

Sunday catch blew past that average though with the in Seattle-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society estimates at least 1,428 white-sided dolphins have been killed in what the organization labeled a “cruel and unnecessary hunt”.

“Given the times we are in, with An global pandemic and the world comes to a stop, it’s absolutely horrible to watch attack on nature of this scale in the Faroe Islands,” said Alex Cornelissen, Sea Shepherd Global CEO: in a statement.

“If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it is that we must… live in harmony with nature instead of wiping out.”

The animal rights organization People for the ethical treatment of animals, of PETA, has called for a long time for an end to the “bloody whale slaughter” on the Faroe Islands.

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Bjarni Mikkelsen, a marine biologist from the Faroe Islands, said: catch represented the greatest number of dolphins are killed in a single day in the islands. Before that, he said that the highest number had been 1,200 in 1940.

Traditionally, he said, the grindadráp “is very well organized and when the drive happens, there are enough people on the beach that it is rare for a harvest to last longer than 10 minutes.”

On Sunday, he said, the slaughter lasted for just less than an hour, leading to disturbing scenes on the coast die left neighbors shocked.

He said he believed hunters were unprepared for the considerably large school of white-sided dolphins die they encountered, with Faroe Islands usually hunt focused on pilot whales, die be larger and thus provide more meat.

Páll Nolsøe, a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Faroe Islands of Foreign Affairs and Culture, recognized die Sunday catch was “exceptionally large.” And, he said on Wednesday, “there is no doubt that whaling is a dramatic sight to see.” people unknown to hunting.”

However, he claimed that even on Sunday catch would be considered sustainable by the Faroese government, with the hunt practice help build communities in to stand met local resources.

“It is very important to understand that the basic of whaling in the Faroe Islands must provide food,” he said. The meat is distributed among the… participants … and also to local communities.”

He further noted that the whale watching trips have taken place… place in the Faroe Islands “since the Viking Age”, so the “gravel” is considered by many to be an important part of the Faroese cultural identity and heritage.

Mikkelsen said that “everything of the meat” of Sunday drive was distributed to local communities in the Faroe Islands. “That is in at least positively,” he said.

However, he said he at least believes the weekend incident highlights the need for regulations around how many dolphins can be killed each year, as well as within a single drive.

Nolsøe said that while die who Participate in be the fool required to get permission from local authorities and be subject to animal welfare regulations die require animals to be killed “as quickly and efficiently as” possible,” there are currently new rules in place in the surroundings of how many dolphins can be slaughtered.

As the fallout from Sunday’s hunt continues, he said, it could be… soon to be up for discussion.

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