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More than 800 male and female volunteers participate as “Formula 1 Marshall” in Jeddah

More than 800 male and female Saudi volunteers will play the role of “Formula 1 Marshall” at the 2021 Saudi Formula 1 Grand Prix in Jeddah, and all play a key role in ensuring safety at the Kingdom’s largest event.

During the last period, the participating volunteers underwent training and rehabilitation programs on safety laws in Formula 1 circuits, on ways to evacuate auto and on the ways to warn drivers by waving their colored flags, each color symbolizes a specific situation that has occurred on the Waving a single yellow flag warns of dangers on the circuit floor AND waving two flags at the same time indicates that there is an obstacle partially blocking either completely the track, or that there is an observer in track, and this situation prevents auto of trespassing on each other, and one safety car can pass in front of them (safety car) to determine the speed limit in this case, and the green flag indicates that there are no events on the track and circuit, and the blue flag symbolizes that the auto lens must yield, and the red flag means the session has been stopped, and the checkerboard flag symbolizes the end of the race.

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