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More than 900 US professors explode efforts to abolish advanced mathematics in level schools playing field


hundreds of American university professors signed an open letter criticizing the campaign rid off of advanced mathematics in schools, while activists try to create more equality reducing student “achievement gaps. ”

Warning that the United States would be put in an international disadvantage, 911 professors in maths, science, and engineering, including professors from Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Yale, have expressed their opposition to proposed policies that would bring all students to the same level of math regardless of their skills.

“We are deeply concerned on unwanted consequences of recent well-meaning approaches to reforming mathematics teaching, in in particular the California Mathematics Framework “, the opening letter said, stating that “Such frameworks aim at reduce achievement gaps limiting availability of advanced mathematics courses for middle and high schools “.

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From the beginning of the year, the proposal changes in California has caused a wave of discussion in the United States, with activists calling for similar reforms in other states.

The professors pointed out That “While such reforms seem superficially ‘successful’ in reducing disparities at the high school level, they are simply ‘kicking the can’ in college,” where students will have to spend more weather catching up on introductory math, delaying their graduation.

They also he warned that the reforms would put them at a disadvantage public school children “respect with their international And private-classmates”, and I could result in a “De facto privatization” of advanced mathematics education K-12 “ that closes children from less affluent families out.

Submit the children of our biggest state for a tale experiment is the height of irresponsibility… While the United States K-12 system has a lot to improve, the current trends will instead take us further back

Efforts to reform the California Mathematics Framework (CMF) by getting rid of of middle and high school advanced mathematics paths have proved extremely controversial.

activists in favor of the reforms have discussed which is a necessary change to address underrepresentation of black and Latin students in advanced mathematics programs, while activists in the opposition claimed to detain the students back And set a lower standard.

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