Morning Russian bombing of Kiev. Moscow forces are 15 km from the capital

With the entry of the 21st day of the Russian military operation in Ukraine On Wednesday, images from the Ukrainian capital Kiev showed thick smoke rising from areas in the heart of the capital. A journalist in Ukraine told Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath that Kiev was the target of a missile attack in the prime morning hours, noting that the streets of Kiev had become more like a military barracks.

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A senior US Defense Department official announced that Russian forces are located at a distance of 15-20 km from the center of the capital, Kiev, to the northwest.

He also confirmed that Russia has so far fired 950 missiles against Ukraine, adding that the Russian convoy near Kiev is still blocked and not advancing, despite the Ukrainian capital being subjected to further bombing.

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The US Department of Defense official also said the US has delivered military aid to Ukraine in the past 24 hours.

A video clip, released by the International Committee of the Red Cross, showed several trucks leaving the city of Debrecen, in Hungary, and arrived at the Ukrainian border crossing for Syrit, in Romania, bringing aid in Ukraine.

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At the same time, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense released a video in which were said to be bombing operations that targeted Russian targets, without specifying their location.

On the other hand, Russia claimed that its forces had taken full control of the southern Kherson region.

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In a new statistic, the number of confirmed civilian deaths in Ukraine has reached 691 dead and 1,143 injured, according to the UN Human Rights Office, adding that the real numbers could exceed these numbers.

Kiev had imposed a curfew for 35 hours, after heavy bombing that killed 5 people, while Ukrainian authorities announced that 19 people had been killed in a raid on a TV tower in Raven.

A 15-story apartment building in western Kiev was the subject of an airstrike as continued Russian bombing of Ukraine approached the center of the capital and dense plumes of smoke rose from the building, while firefighters made a large effort to put out the fire.

A spokesman for the Kiev fire brigade said at least two people died and 74 were saved.

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