Morningstar Chairman Sells Nearly 10,000 Shares of MORN Stock – Insider Trading Revealed

In an interesting turn of events, Morningstar, Inc. Chairman Joseph D. Mansueto recently sold 9,935 shares of the company’s stock on February 28th. The average price at which the stock was sold was $296.94, resulting in a total transaction value of $2,950,098.90. Following the completion of this sale, Mansueto now holds a significant 10,832,014 shares in Morningstar, Inc., which are valued at approximately $3,216,458,237.16. This disclosure was made in accordance with legal filing requirements with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

Taking a closer look at Morningstar’s price performance, the stock opened at $298.25 on Friday. Over the past year, Morningstar Inc.’s stock has fluctuated between a low of $163.28 and a high of $301.91. With a market capitalization of $12.74 billion, a P/E ratio of 90.93, and a beta of 1.14, the company’s financials are sure to captivate investors. Additionally, the fifty-day and two-hundred-day moving average prices for the stock stand at $280.45 and $261.04 respectively. It is important to note that the company maintains a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.71, indicating its strong financial position. Furthermore, Morningstar Inc. boasts a current ratio of 0.93 and a quick ratio of 0.94, further illustrating its stability in the market.

Institutional investors and hedge funds have also been showing interest in Morningstar Inc. Recently, several of these entities have modified their holdings in the company. Morgan Stanley, for instance, has increased its holdings in the business by a staggering 685.1% in the fourth quarter. The institution now possesses 1,219,174 shares of Morningstar’s stock, valued at $264,061,000. Goldman Sachs Group Inc., too, has increased its ownership, up by 1,022.3% in the second quarter. Their current holding of 754,704 shares is valued at $147,975,000. Meanwhile, Massachusetts Financial Services Co. MA has increased its stake by 60.6% in the past quarter, now holding 1,007,748 shares, valued at $236,055,000. Another notable investor, Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management LLC, has grown its stake by 43.2% over time, now holding 1,254,599 shares valued at $245,989,000. These are only a few examples of the institutional investors and hedge funds that have shown interest in Morningstar Inc., with an impressive 57.02% of the stock currently being owned by such entities.

Turning to the opinions of Wall Street analysts, Morningstar Inc. has been receiving attention and evaluation from various perspectives. This kind of analysis helps investors make informed decisions about the company’s potential. Additionally , the company has provided independent investment insights in several countries, including the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Along with investment data, Morningstar Inc. also offers fundamental equity and manager research, private capital markets research, credit and fund rating, and various indexes. These services can be accessed through proprietary software platforms, subscriptions, data feeds, and third-party distributors.

In conclusion, Morningstar Inc. continues to make waves in the world of finance, with Chairman Joseph D. Mansueto recently selling a significant amount of the company’s shares. The stock performance and hedge fund interest demonstrate the company’s strength and attractiveness to investors. With its wide range of investment insights and services, Morningstar Inc. remains a prominent player in the market.

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