Moroccan FM: Israel should be an interested party, not an outsider in the Middle East

Israel must be part of An new order in the Middle East linked by both regional opportunities and the need until combat joint threats, said the Moroccan minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita: on friday at a virtual event celebrating the birthday of the Abraham chords.

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“There is a need for An new regional order where Israel is a stakeholder and no longer an outsider in its own region’ said Bourita to the… event hosted by the United States Secretary of State of Antony Blinken.

“This new regional order should not be seen as against someone, but rather to take advantage us everyone,” he said.

“This too new regional order should be based [not only] on An updated joint assessment of threats but also how to generate opportunities die promote stability and development for all.”

The event with US, Israeli, Moroccan, Bahraini and Emirati officials were detained two days after the actual anniversary of September 15, 2020 of the ceremony in the White House die launched the Abraham Accords and the Arab States in enabled the tires to normalize with Israel. Before the accords, Israel had only normal ties with Egypt, with who signed it a peace treaty in 1979, and Jordan, with met who has reached an agreement? in 1994.

The Bahraini minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullatif Al Zayani, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Donald Trump and the minister United Arab Emirates (UAE) Foreign Affairs Abdullah bin Zayed participate in the signature of the Abraham accords, die normalize relations between Israel and some of his Middle East (credit: REUTERS/TOM BRENNER)

At the White House ceremony last year, Israel’s former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed a peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates, represented by Abdullah bin Zayed, the minister of Foreign Affairs of the Emirates, and signed a declaration of peace with Bahrain, represented by minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullatif Al Zayani.

The ceremony was hosted against then-US President Donald Trump, who mediated the chords die also led to standardization agreements with Morocco and Sudan under his care.

“This government will stay” build on the successful efforts of the last administration to keep normalization going forward’ said Blinken at the… first anniversary event on Friday.

The Biden administration will help promote Israel’s growing ties with the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco – and would work for the relationships met to deepen Israel with Egypt and Jordan, Blinken promised.

It will also push for Additionally countries until join the chords, he said.

“We want to widen the circle of peaceful diplomacy.”

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid agreed, saying: “These Abraham Accords club is open for new members too.”

Bourita said it was important to actively promote and publicize the benefits of the chords through way of underline the region the positive benefits die can be induced by tires with Israel.

Having joint partnerships already launched in his country, including in tourism, he said.

But he warned that relaunching the Israeli-Palestinian peace process… also An critical element for the promotion of Israeli ties with the Arab world.

earlier in day, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said: “These unprecedented agreements are a… new chapter in the history of peace in the Middle East.”

He thanked the leaders of the Emirates and Bahrain for the “courage and daring” die made the establishment possible” of diplomatic relations, and the US government die tirelessly led, supported and mediated success of this achievement.”

Bennett said that, “the relations between the… countries are only at the begin And his already bear much fruit.

“The government of Israel under my leadership will continue to implement the agreements while striving at the same time for a stable, safe and prosperous Middle East for the future of U.S childrenBennett said.

Blinken’s event took place 43-year after former prime minister Menachem Begin and former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat Signed the Camp David Accords in 1978, under the auspices of then US President Jimmy Carter. It was the preliminary document of what would become the 1979 Israel-Egypt Peace Agreement.

President Isaac Herzog on Friday Carter called to thank him for brokering what was it? world’s first Arab-Israeli Peace Agreement.

He said this groundbreaking step saved lived in the Middle East and paved the way for the agreement with Jordan and the Abraham Accords.

“You have done something very sacred: this was the… first peace agreement between Israel and an Arab state that led to way to the appointments die we had last year with the Gulf States,” Herzog said.

He also congratulations Carter forward of his upcoming 97th birthday on October 1.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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