Morocco suspends flights to and from France due to the Crown

The Moroccan authorities have decided to suspend flights for travelers to and from France, starting from Friday, indefinitely, due to the “deterioration of the epidemiological situation” linked to the Covid-19 pandemic in some European countries, the official news agency reported Thursday.

The agency said a specialized ministerial committee made this decision, which will enter in effective Friday evening at 22:59 GMT, “to address the deteriorating epidemiological situation in some neighboring European countries “, as well as” preserving the gains that Morocco gained in the management of the Covid-19 pandemic “. 19 “.

And France, where the epidemic has killed more than 118,000 people, announced on Thursday that it would tighten health restrictions, but without quarantine or curfew measures.

This country comprises the most important Moroccan community residing abroad, with more than one million people, and is a major source of foreign tourists who usually come to the Kingdom. It is also Morocco’s most important economic partner.

Europe became the global epicenter of the outbreak again this fall, as the highly contagious delta mutant reduced the effectiveness of transmission vaccines by up to 40%, according to the World Health Organization.

In mid-November, Morocco announced its tightening of border controls to tackle Covid-19, with new measures including preventing entry to arrivals from mostly European countries if they turn out to be infected with the virus at airports and ports. of the Kingdom, unless they were resident there.

These measures include countries classified as “list B”, that is, which are experiencing an alarming epidemiological situation, according to the classification of the Moroccan authorities, and also several Arab and African countries.

The daily toll of HIV infections and deaths caused by it has decreased significantly in Morocco in recent weeks, with the continuation of the vaccination campaign, which involved over 22 million and 600 thousand people who benefited from the two doses of the vaccine, according to the latest official report.

The vaccination permit, on the other hand, continues as a necessary condition to travel abroad or to enter in all spaces and public structures closed.

Morocco aspires to achieve mass immunity by vaccinating 80% of its population of approximately 36 million.

The number of people infected with the virus since its appearance in Morocco reached around 950,000, of which 14,770 died, according to the latest official toll.

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