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Moscow accused of transporting Ukrainian children in Russia and to have offered them in adoption


The United Nations is investigating the hypothesis of sending Ukrainian children in Russia, where they are given in adoption by Russian families, as announced by the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

In a speech before the Human Rights Council, which is holding its 50th session in Geneva, Michelle Bachelet explained that her office “is investigating allegations of forced deportation of children from Ukraine to the Russian Federation”.

He added that, according to these allegations, some of the children were “kidnapped from orphanages and given in adoption in Russia”.

Bachelet noted that the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights was not in unable to confirm these allegations, nor the number of children involved.

Thousands of children are believed to have been transferred from Ukraine to Russia since the start of the military operation launched from Moscow on 24 February.

In March, the United Nations had spoken about the possibility of forced adoption of Ukrainian children, in particular of the approximately 91,000 children who lived at the beginning of the conflict in colleges, most of them in the eastern regions of the country.

“We are concerned about the alleged intentions of the Russian authorities to allow the transfer of Ukrainian children to families living in the Russian Federation, which apparently does not include family reunification measures and does not respect the best interests of the child,” Bachelet said. advice. “We will continue to monitor the situation closely,” he added.

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