Moscow delivers the prove at the United Nations: Kiev is preparing “fabrications” of which Russia will be accused

The Russian military operation in Ukraine entered its 48th day on Tuesday as the Russian military continues to destroy Ukrainian military sites amid Western efforts and efforts to pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin to cancel the Russian military operation that began on February 24. .

In the latest developments, Moscow announced that the United Nations had delivered data on the inventions Kiev was preparing and that the media Westerners had previously sent their correspondents in Ukraine to “cover up” these inventions.

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“In recent days we have provided information to the United Nations on the upcoming provocations” prepared by Kiev, according to reports from the media Russians, Dmitry Polyansky, Russia’s First Deputy Representative to the United Nations, in a meeting of the UN Security Council.

He added that one such provocation was the accusation of having discovered mass graves in the village of Rakovka near Kiev.

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He pointed out that correspondents of the media Westerners arrived in the city of Kremenaya to film a provocation prepared by the Ukrainian forces represented in the alleged bombing of the “ambulances carrying patients” of the Russian army.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that the Kiev regime was preparing, under British auspices, for new inventions in several stages, accusing the Russian army of “brutally treating civilians” in Sumy province in southern Ukraine.

The head of the Russian National Defense Monitoring Center, Lieutenant General Mikhail Mizintsev, said that “the Kiev regime is preparing, under the auspices of British special forces, for new inventions and accusations against Russian forces of brutalizing the residents of the ‘Ukraine in the Sumy region of southern Ukraine “, as reported by the media Russians.

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He added: “The corpses are being dragged in one of the basements of the condominiums, to be presented as victims of the Russian army. According to the plan of the British, it will be assumed that the Russian forces killed in mass civilians and mutilated them when they withdrew. ‘

He continued: “I media Westerners will begin to weave a false image in a very near future to incite fear of Russia against the backdrop of the developing economic crisis in Europe”.

He said: “Russian forces left this city three weeks ago, on March 20, and such events, if they had occurred, could not have been on public display since then.”

He added: “There is also a force from the French army and gendarmerie that has arrived in Ukraine and will try to cover up the war crimes committed by Kiev and frame the charges against Russian forces “.

He continued: “The soldiers of the French special forces, together with technical experts from the gendarmerie forces and the French Ministry of the Interior, arrived on Monday. in Ukraine through Germany and Poland through the so-called diplomatic corridor “.

“Taking into account the impartiality of the French specialists, an impartial investigation cannot be relied upon and it appears that the main areas of their activity will be the concealment of numerous war crimes against the Ukrainian population and the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. . the Ukrainian authorities have committed these crimes for the past eight years, “he said.

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