Moscow: mid-term elections will not improve the deterioration of relations with Washington

The Kremlin said on Wednesday that mid-term elections for the US Congress will not improve the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Washington and has denied allegations of Russian interference in the US elections, according to reports. media Russian officers.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters it was premature to talk about a dialogue with the United States on extending the “New Start” treaty to limit nuclear weapons.

The US State Department has announced that the United States and Russia will meet soon to discuss the possibility of resuming inspections under the “New START” Treaty on Reduction and Reduction of the Strategic Offensive, the main nuclear disarmament agreement between the two powers.

“We have agreed that the bilateral advisory committee may meet in the near future under the New START treaty,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters, confirming information provided by Bloomberg.

“The work of the committee is confidential, but we hope so in a constructive meeting “, he added, underlining the importance of continuing to talk to the Russians about” risk reduction “despite the war in Ukraine.

If the meeting is confirmed, it will take place, while in recent days the rhetoric about Russia’s threats of a nuclear attack in the context of its war against Ukraine has slightly subsided.

The US official declined to specify the date or place of the meeting. The last meeting of this advisory committee dates back to October 2021.

In early August, Russia announced the suspension of planned US inspections of its military sites under the “New Start” treaty, noting that this was a response to US sanctions in the face of similar Russian inspections in the US.

The new START treaty is the latest bilateral agreement of its kind linking the two major nuclear powers in the world.

The treaty was signed in 2010. It sets the limit of the two nuclear arsenals of the two nuclear powers to a maximum of 1,550 nuclear warheads each, which represents a reduction of about 30% from the previous ceiling set in 2002.

It also limits the number of strategic launch vehicles and heavy bombers to 800, which is enough to destroy Earth multiple times.

In January 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin extended it for five years until 2026.

So far, Moscow and Washington have had the right to conduct just under twenty mutual inspections each year under this treaty.

The US spokesman stressed the willingness of the United States to keep “channels of communication” open with Russia, especially to address important bilateral issues.

Indeed, these channels did not stop for a day since the Russian attack on Ukraine began on February 24.

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