Moscow publishes a video of a train transporting its vehicles from Crimea and the West is skeptical

The war of words between Russia and the West continues over whether Russian crowds have withdrawn near the Ukrainian border, amid escalating tension despite diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis.

Today, Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video clip showing the troops and military equipment of its tank force in the Western Military District returning to their permanent deployment bases after the exercises.

The ministry added that tanks and armored vehicles will travel about 1,000 kilometers across the railways.

On the other hand, Western countries have renewed their accusations of Moscow’s continued buildup of forces near Ukraine’s borders.

The British defense minister accused Russia of continuing to mobilize its forces.

The West doubts

Additionally, a senior White House official said today that Russia strengthened its presence on the Ukrainian border with at least seven thousand troops, some of whom arrived on Wednesday, describing Moscow’s announcement to withdraw part as false. of his strength.

The US official stressed that Russia could in any time create a pretext to invade Ukraine, adding that Russia wants to find a diplomatic solution, but its actions indicate otherwise.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that the alliance had seen no indication of a reduction in the escalation or withdrawal of Russian forces.

On Wednesday, Western countries warned of the growing Russian military presence on Ukraine’s borders, which contradicts Moscow’s claim on the withdrawal.

Bring other equipment

For its part, an American satellite company revealed that Moscow had withdrawn military equipment and brought more to the borders of Ukraine.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the start of the return of military equipment and soldiers from the Southern Military District to their bases after the end of the exercises.

Interestingly, Russia has amassed more than 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border, despite yesterday’s announcement that it has withdrawn a group of its troops.

Today the Russian Defense Minister released video clips showing the return of tanks and heavy vehicles from Russian borders, where they were conducting military maneuvers at their bases.

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