Moscow: Putin is open to dialogue with Ukraine

The Kremlin announced on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is open to talks on Ukraine, indicating the possibility of talks with the West.

“The situation with the West regarding Ukraine indicates the possibility of talks… We prefer to achieve our goals through a political and diplomatic process,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

No prospect of negotiation

He added that there are no prospects for negotiations pace with Ukraine, since Kiev’s law prohibits dialogue with Russia and the West does not allow Kiev to show flexibility.

He also added, “Russia has always been ready to solve problems through negotiations, and President Putin has repeatedly said that we are still ready for that. Of course, achieving our goals through peaceful, political and diplomatic means is our option.” favourite”.

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“no flexibility”

He explained: “But in an environment in which the laws of Ukraine prohibit the President of Ukraine from having contact with us or conducting any kind of dialogue with us, and also in light of the data that it is clear that Westerners are not inclined to allow Kiev to show flexibility in this sense … so it can be said that there are no possibilities to negotiate now.

I find in Turkey

Yesterday, Tuesday, Ukrainian and Russian human rights commissioners Dmytro Lubints and Tatyana Moskalkova met in Turkey, a rare meeting of this level between officials of the two countries for several months.

Lubinz said on Wednesday about social media that the delegates “discussed a wide range of humanitarian files and cases related to the provision of human rights assistance to citizens of the two countries.”

Moskalkova, for her part, noted that “humanitarian assistance to citizens of Ukraine and Russia” had already been touched.

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