Moscow puts in guard against tampering with permanent membership and vetoing the Security Council

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev put it in guard against reconsidering the status of permanent members of the UN Security Council, including the right of veto, otherwise the organization will face a crisis and repeat the fate of the League of Nations.

Medvedev added in a note: “The founders (permanent members of the United Nations Security Council) should not be subject to review, including the right of veto”, according to reports from the media Russians, warning in this case that the United Nations “will face a systematic crisis and consequently the organization will repeat the fate of the League of Nations (1920-1946 the first world organization failed to carry out tasks related to collective security. After the Second World War, the tasks of this organization were transferred to the United Nations) “.

He stressed that it is important that the United Nations maintain the fundamental principle of international relations: “the equality of all states and the duty to listen to the position of each state. This is the imperative of the activities of the Organization, its norms by jus cogens “.

Medvedev also noted that the United Nations and the basic documents it adopts are the only universal tool in the world for resolving international disputes. However, Medvedev noted, “it is by no means perfect.”

Medvedev also stressed that the number of permanent members of the UN Security Council can be increased, but “their powers must be preserved”.

Medvedev urged to firmly reject the Western idea of ​​”rules-based order” in as unacceptable and harmful, stating: “The Western bad idea of ​​the concept of rules-based order must be resolutely rejected in how unacceptable and extremely harmful to humanity, it is not accepted by anyone, it is completely ill-defined in its contents and promoted in contrast with existing international norms and institutions, including the United Nations itself.

According to the senior Russian official, this idea is dictated by the “obsessive desire of the Anglo-Saxons, to the point of psychological perversions, to lay an ideological basis for their attempts to dominate the world”.

Medvedev added: “The choice of the rest of the world is not to succumb to this idea, but to follow their own path”.

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