Moscow: The West is publicly inciting Kiev to attack us

In a moment of heightened tension between Russia and the West following the military operation in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry today expressed its concern about the escalation in the Transnistrian region in Moldova, considering that its neighbor has transformed in a center for the gathering of foreign terrorists and mercenaries.

In a press release Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the West has clearly called on Kiev to attack Russia.

We will respond to any attack!

He also confirmed that the army would respond to any attempt to target his territory, blaming the Security Organization. in Europe for providing information to the West and Ukraine on Russian forces.

This came after Transnistria witnessed 3 attacks on Monday and Tuesday, one of which targeted the State Security Ministry building and another near a military unit in Barkani village, while a third attack targeted a television and radio broadcasting tower near the village of Mayak.

These explosions followed a statement from a Russian military commander last week, in which he believed that “control of southern Ukraine will provide a via exit in Transdniestria, which is witnessing the persecution of the Russian-speaking population, “which has rekindled Moldova’s fears of expanding Russia’s military operation against it.

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US and Ukrainian officials argued in precedence of the possibility that the Russian president will extend his military operation from the Donbass region in south-east Ukraine to neighboring Moldova.

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Interestingly, the Russian military operation continues on the territory of its western neighbor, for its third month, amid Russian assurances that it is continuing to “liberate” the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, despite all Western calls for calm. and a solution that established the pace between the two sides.

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Transnistria is a pro-Russian dissident in Moldova, which borders Ukraine to the southwest, but is not recognized by any UN member state, although it has its own political entity, parliament, army and police apparatus.

While Moldova considers it part of it, the other part, supported by Russia, is demanding recognition as an independent state!

Interestingly, Moldova, like Ukraine, in it was previously part of the Soviet Union until Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev dissolved the sprawling Communist state in 1991.

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