Moscow threatens to confiscate the assets of “enemy countries”, in response to Washington

On Sunday, the Russian authorities hinted at the possibility of confiscating the assets of some countries that they consider hostile to them in Russia, in response to the US administration’s proposal to liquidate assets confiscated from wealthy Russians and transfer the proceeds in Ukraine.

The president of the camera Russian low (Duma) Vyacheslav Volodin, on his channel in the Telegram platform, held that “it is fair, against a company located on Russian soil and whose owners come from hostile countries where such decisions are made (the seizure of Russian assets) , to respond with similar measures to the confiscation of such assets.

“The proceeds from the sale will be used for the development of our country,” he added.

He accused “a number of hostile countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and even the United States” of not respecting international law and “simply resorting to theft”.

“Now, Russian businessmen are buying foreign operating companies in Russia and the actions of partners who want to leave our market, “Volodin said. He urged” enemy “countries to” behave in civil way and respect international law “.

The Duma speaker noted the US Congress this week’s adoption of a non-binding text calling on President Joe Biden to sell confiscated Russian assets and transfer the proceeds to Ukraine.

He explained: “A dangerous precedent has been created which will turn against the United States itself. This decision will not affect our country’s economy. Yachts, villas and other properties seized from wealthy (Russian) citizens do not contribute. in no way to the development of Russia.

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