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Moscow warns: the top priority is to avoid war between nuclear powers

In light of Russian threats to use nuclear weapons, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that the “top priority” is to avoid a war between nuclear powers that would have “catastrophic consequences”. in a tense situation between Moscow and the West over Ukraine.

“rude business”

“We strongly believe that in the current difficult and turbulent situation – as a result of irresponsible and brazen actions aimed at undermining our national security, the top priority is to prevent any military confrontation between nuclear powers,” he said. in a press release.

Moscow called on other nuclear powers to “abandon dangerous attempts to violate the vital interests of others”.

He also added that “Russia is firmly and constantly guided by the principle that nuclear war cannot be won and should never be fought”.

“Purely defensive in nature”

But while he claimed that Moscow’s nuclear doctrine was “purely defensive in nature,” he warned that he could use these weapons. in case of nuclear aggression or “when the very existence of our state is threatened”.

On Wednesday, the statement called on the other nuclear powers in the world – the United States, Britain, France and China – to “work together to solve this overriding task.”

Research on nuclear use

This warning statement came after US officials revealed that Russian military leaders had discussed the use of tactical nuclear weapons. in Ukraine, which worries Washington and Western allies, according to the New York Times.

They also pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statements on the use of nuclear power were not mere threats, noting that the failures of Russian forces on the ground in some areas of Ukraine could accelerate the use of nuclear weapons.

Putin’s threats

Interestingly, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned during Russia’s seven-month war against Ukraine (and even earlier) that he would use nuclear weapons.

Russia is the largest nuclear power in the world in based on the number of nuclear warheads it owns, as it has 5,977 warheads, while the United States has 5,428, according to the Federation of American Scientists.

Russian forces also have in about two thousand tactical nuclear weapons are in use, while the United States has about 200, half of which are deployed in bases in Italy, Germany, Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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