Moscow: Washington’s supply of HIMARS missiles to Kiev widens conflict

In response to recent assurances from Washington that it will deliver advanced HIMARS missile systems to Ukraine, Moscow stressed that a tale move will fuel the conflict.

Today, Wednesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said supporting Ukrainian forces with accurate, advanced and medium-range missile and ammunition systems is a very bad decision and will increase the risk of a direct confrontation, according to RIA Novosti news agency.

HIMARS launchers

These statements came after a senior White House official announced last night that his country would supply Ukrainian forces with “HIMARS” rocket launchers.

He also added that the Ukrainian military will obtain HIMARS launchers and missiles with a range of up to 80 km, ending several days of speculation about the nature of additional specific weapons Washington has decided to provide to Kiev to take on Russian forces, according to. as reported by the AFP.

However, the aforementioned US official and US President Joe Biden confirmed that these systems will only be used on Ukrainian lands to repel the Russian advance, especially to the east, but will not be used against Russian lands.

In recent days, Ukrainian officials have repeatedly asked allies for long-range systems, including a multiple rocket launch system. in capable of firing a volley of missiles hundreds of miles away in hopes of changing the course of the four-month fighting. with the Russians.

However, Biden made it clear that his country would not send the Ukrainians weapons that would make “the United States a partner in the war”.

Since the start of the Russian military operation on Ukrainian soil, Washington has allocated millions of dollars from its own budget to support Kiev by sending many weapons and equipment to the Ukrainian forces.

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