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Moscow: We stand in equidistant from the sides of the renaissance dam dispute


The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, announced that Moscow would address the differences between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt in in reference to die AlNahda Dam.

Sakharova said Thursday that Russia is calling on all parties to take a “responsible approach” in resolving the water dispute and will have an “equal position” on July 8th in in reference to die Differences between the three countries in in reference to die Filling and operation of “taken in the hydropower plant”, according to “Sputnik”.

She also added: “The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that a solution must be found, die takes into account the tripartite negotiations under the auspices of the African Union. “Phase of the filling of the reservoir, also taking into account the willingness of the Ethiopian side for such consultations.

She said: “We hope for a quick and mutually beneficial result in terms of the most important principle: African problems – African solutions.”

Second filling completed

It is noteworthy that the Ethiopian Minister for Water, Irrigation and Energy, Seleshi Bekele, announced on Monday that his country would be die second filling phase of the huge renaissance dam, which is being built on the Blue Nile, has completed and that the dam in start generating electricity in the next few months. The move has already angered Egypt and Sudan.

Bekele wrote on Twitter:Second filling completed The Renaissance Dam and the Water Flows, “he added, adding that” the next turning point in the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam is to in to achieve early power generation in the next few months. “

Renaissance Dam (file photo by Reuters)

Reject unilateral action

The Sudanese Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources said in turn in a statement that it “die Sudan and rejection of unilateral measures in neighboring Ethiopia die Policy to impose a fait accompli and die Ignoring legitimate interests and serious concerns of his partners in the river is renewed. “Khartoum urged Ethiopia to”die Continue negotiations to achieve a binding and comprehensive legal agreement that die Safeguards the interests of all parties “.

Notably, Ethiopia says the $ 4 billion dam is for die economic development and die Power supply necessary. However, the dam has water scarcity and safety concerns in Egypt and Sudan awakened, die also depend on the water of the Nile.

Renaissance Dam (file photo by AFP)

in serious danger

And last month I mentioned Egypt It received an official notice from Ethiopia that it had started filling the reservoir for the second time, and Cairo confirmed that it categorically opposes the move.

Egypt sees in the dam poses a serious threat to its Nile water supply, from which it is fast completely depends. Sudan also expressed concern about die Dam safety and its impact on dams and water stations.

Also in the dispute between Addis Ababa and Cairo and Khartoum die longstanding diplomatic endeavors have failed.

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