Mossad reveals “some” details of the escape of an Israeli soldier who made an emergency landing in Iran

About a week after a civilian plane carrying an Israeli soldier made an emergency landing in Iran, following a medical problem encountered by one of the passengers, the Israeli authorities released “some” details of the “exciting” incident and how the soldier escaped the “claws” of arrest and the failure to develop things. serious international crisis.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper revealed scenes of the Israeli soldier’s escape from the Iranian authorities after five hours spent on Iranian soil.

Speaking to a local radio program, Israeli journalist Barak Ravid revealed the female soldier’s behavior and the steps taken by the Israeli army and “Mossad” agencies in the wake of the incident to get her out of Iran. in safety.

I spent a vacation in family in Uzbekistan

The incident occurred when the 19-year-old soldier was in family leave in Uzbekistan and was on the return flight in Israel.

The female soldier was supposed to take a flight to Israel, but as the flight passed over Iranian territory, a medical emergency occurred for one of the passengers, forcing the crew to land. in Iran.

“An emergency landing was needed and the plane has already landed at Shiraz airport in southern Iran,” said Ravid. Then she continued: “The soldier realized that something disturbing was going to happen there.”

She added that she, with “a great ploy”, withdrew her foreign passport in the case in he had to pass through the border control offices while speaking only Russian.

Inform the right people

Ravid pointed out that the Israeli soldier then sent a text message to one of his relatives in Uzbekistan, asking him to “inform the appropriate people”.

“In turn, the person informed the army commanders, who informed the IDF high command, and from there to the prime minister’s office and Mossad,” he said.

These accelerated events took place in one moment in where the government met to ratify the agreement on the demarcation of maritime borders with Lebanon, with American mediation.

“Mossad officials called her and told her not to identify as an Israeli, so she acted trying not to draw attention to herself,” Ravid said, describing in detail the government’s actions on the incident.

It took 5 hours

A few hours later, the passengers were recalled to the flight, marking the beginning of the end of the crisis.

“It took five hours, maybe a little longer,” Ravid said, before continuing, “and finally the flight took off for Dubai and from there to Israel. Everything ended well,” adds Ravid.

According to the reporter himself, the whole event took place under the watchful eye of the Israeli army, and even after the case went public, “there are still secret details,” says Ravid.

He continued: “I am generally against censorship, but they need to have waited some time before the incident was published in order to protect some of the people who participated.”

Possible international crisis

Ravid also pointed out that this incident could have caused a major crisis.

Except that it was very likely to be kept in hostage, his case would have created a political and international security crisis.

He explained that there is nothing to stop soldiers from traveling in Iranian airspace in general, but according to what he told him, “this problem will take time to resolve, perhaps for years.”

The reporter also drew attention to the current international situation, where Iran is aiding Russia in its war on Ukraine, while the chances of saving the nuclear deal have diminished, all of which would have served as a worst-case scenario. for the Israeli soldier in Iran, according to his estimate.

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