“Mountain View” for Arabic: “Virtual Real Estate” is a new wave after Corona

Mountain View Real Estate Investment Company chairman of the board, Amr Suleiman, confirmed in an interview with “Al Arabiya” that the impact of the Corona pandemic was great on the real estate sector, until we had the term “virtual real”. summer ”that accompanies the change in the culture of work and attendance at work after the pandemic.

Suleiman felt that not all remote working mechanisms will adapt to the performance of companies, in terms of requirements for the creation of a culture of the work environment, the process of development and research and the presence of positive trends for the workplace, and this concerns the form and content of what the offices provide, to have a complete concept. Promote the common culture of employees for the sake of businessand improves the ability to implement development and training programs for them.

According to observers, the real estate market in Egypt suffers from a state of confusion due to high commodity prices prime and building materials, and real estate developers expected property prices to rise in Egypt in the next period up to 15%, due to the sharp increases in construction inputs.

According to market estimates, the total construction cost has increased between 30 and 35%, also influenced by the increase in energy prices on intensive industries and its reflection on the prices of building materials, which negatively affects the market. real estate.

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