Movement is a blessing: a way to reduce the risk of premature death by 40 percent

Scientists from the Australian University of Sydney have found a way to reduce the risk of premature death by 40 percent from all causes, especially those associated with cancer, and by 49 percent from cardiovascular diseases.

And Nature Medicine Today notes that during the study, the researchers asked non-athletic participants (more than 25,000 people) to do short exercise, which they described as “lifestyle intermittent physical activity,” as part of a daily task, such as run to catch the bus, or play with the kids. A fitness tracker was attached to the body of each participant, which measured physical indicators for seven days. And it turned out that these exercises lasted for 93 percent of the participants for an average of one minute, and their number per day was 4-8 exercises.

The results showed that the most obvious increase in protection against early death was in those who engaged in 4-5 activities per day. Overall, participation in these life activities reduces the risk of early death by an average of 40 percent from all cancer-related causes and 49 percent from cardiovascular disease. And that those who engaged in 11 activities per day were protected from early death due to cardiovascular disease by 65 percent and 49 percent compared to those who did not engage in any physical activity.

The researchers compared these results with the activity of 62,000 people who exercise regularly on a daily basis, and the results were similar. This means that whether a person performs these activities as part of organized training or as housework, they are in all cases beneficial to his health.

Source: Linta. EN