Movie Distributors Face New Contract Terms from SAG-AFTRA at Fall Film Festivals, Negotiator Confirms

Contract Terms Set to Impact Fall Film Festivals

New Deal Requirements from SAG-AFTRA

SAG-AFTRA’s chief negotiator, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, has announced that movie distributors planning to purchase indie films featuring high-profile actors at this year’s fall film festivals will need to accept updated contract terms.

The Impact on the Indie Film World

At a press conference regarding SAG-AFTRA’s interim agreements program, Crabtree-Ireland confirmed that any potential buyer of movies or TV projects must accept the union’s proposed new deal, which includes a percentage of streaming revenue for actors. This provision has caused concern among all parties involved in the labor strike, as it may dissuade buyers, particularly major streaming companies, from acquiring these projects. This issue has been a source of anxiety for those in the indie film industry for several weeks.

Obligation to Pay Residuals

According to the executive, the contract has assumption provisions that mandate any acquiring party to take on the responsibility of paying the residuals as per the collective bargaining agreement.

Movie Distributors Face New Contract Terms from SAG-AFTRA at Fall Film  Festivals, Negotiator Confirms

Anxiety in the Industry

With the upcoming Toronto, Telluride, and Venice festivals, sales agents and talent reps are expressing concern over the potential impact on market activity for official movie selections and project screening for buyers on-site. The value of an interim agreement in this specific context has been called into question, leading to increased anxiety among industry professionals.

Interim Agreements and the Case of “Ferrari”

The upcoming film “Ferrari” by Michael Mann secured a SAG-AFTRA interim agreement, allowing lead actors Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz to attend the world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. This agreement helps create buzz and generate sales, but companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Apple, which are in open conflict with AMPTP, would need to commit to the contract in order to acquire the film.

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