Moyes defends Klopp’s actions

LONDON: West Ham manager David Moyes defended the anger displayed by Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager, which led to him receiving a red card in his team’s victory over Manchester City last Sunday. And the British news agency “BA Media” reported that Klopp received a red card after reacting to Gary Beswick, assistant referee, for not waving the flag for a foul during the match Liverpool won against Manchester City. with a clean goal at Anfield. It is still unclear whether the German coach will be in bench when Liverpool host West Ham, after receiving a red card. Speaking after the game, Klopp said he was thrilling and took the blame for the red card, saying he “crossed the line” but he felt he was not being disrespectful to the referee. Moyes sided with Klopp and expressed hope that Klopp will face off in the match that takes place tomorrow night. “The first thing I’ll say is that I wish he was on the opposite bench,” he said. And he added: “We all have a lot of respect for the referees and for the work they do, I hope they understand that in their own way, for 90 minutes and a little more we can lose our heads a little.” Moyes also believes fans expect a response from their coach for any injustice they hear. “For 90 minutes or more, it gets very emotional, sometimes you can change your personality from who you really are,” he added. “But I think if we stayed there and didn’t do anything, I think our fans, the audience in general ei media they would probably wonder why not? “He continued:” I think if you look at the incident, he got mad about something that was right in him, right? “(dpa)