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Mozilla Product Updates Trigger High Security Alert in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi National Leading Center for Cybersecurity has issued a high security warning when updating Mozilla products.

The National Cyber ​​Security Advisory Center (Saudi CERT) of the National Cyber ​​Security Authority said in a tweet via Twitter that failure to upgrade could allow an attacker to exploit vulnerabilities and implement the “Use After Free” memory reuse vulnerability.

It added that an attacker can exploit vulnerabilities and carry out code injection, carry out phishing attacks, unauthorized disclosure and disclosure of confidential information, and bypass protection mechanisms.

And the center added: “Proceed to install security updates for Mozilla products.”

The center said that Mozilla has released several updates to address a number of vulnerabilities in the following products: Firefox and Firefox ESR.

The center recommended that the affected products be updated, noting that Mozilla has published clarifications on these updates on its official website.

🔴 Security Warning:

Actively implement security updates for Mozilla products.


— National Cybersecurity Reference Center (@SAUDICERT) March 14, 2023

Only The Russian company “Kaspersky” specializes in information security Use-After-Free (UAF) is a security vulnerability related to the misuse of dynamic memory while a program is running.

Source: RT + Saudi CERT


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