MSNBC claims jump in US inflation is a “GOOD THING”, in reality

MSNBC is trying to sell Americans on the idea that the inflation crisis in the United States is a “good what. “The reaction online suggests that few people are buying – so much so that the left-wing media outlet canceled their request without explanation.

The network posted a message on Twitter on Monday to promote an article on rising prices saying, “Because the inflation we are seeing now is at good What.” The article was an opinion piece stating that inflation fears were exaggerated by others media outlets, including CNN, and that rising prices reflect a strong economy.

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“American consumers are, relatively speaking, flushed [with cash], and it’s strong demand for goods and services it is sending prices higher” MSNBC columnist James Surowiecki said.

With inflation in increase to highest rate in 13 years old, MSNBC is positive spin on the issue it might be comforting to the Biden administration, which has been trying to downplay the concern over rising prices as it is also grapples with immigration and supply chain crisis. However, the outlet’s tweet was quickly rationed – and was later deleted – as observers argued that the budget of families were destroyed by rising costs for necessities such as food and fuel.

“Yes, inflation is like that good, the average 40-hour-a-week worker suffers a loss of $ 500 a month due to the costs of inflation “ conservative commentator Kambree Kawahine Koa sarcastically said. “Bravo inflation, bravo.”

Other observers, like a Twitter expert who He calls himself Rudy Havenstein, pointed out that the MSNBC request was part of a progression of explanations used by policy creators of escape guilt for the crisis. The laps have gone by “there is no inflation” to “inflation is transitory” to “inflation is good” He said.

Former congressional candidate Barrington Martin II, a Democrat from Georgia, suggested that MSNBC’s absurd claim reflected a broader issue. “Can you see now that everything? of media is it compromised? “ churches.

The engineer of the software Billy Markus, co-creator of Dogecoin, scolded MSNBC for claim that inflation is a “good What,” said, “This title is bad, and you should Touch bad. “

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