MultiVersus revealed Stripe’s Moveset

The impending Gremlins villain Stripe has a class breakdown, according to MultiVersus creator Player First Games, confirming his chainsaw.

Player First Games has revealed the skills for the forthcoming MultiVersus fighter Stripe, the antagonist from the Gremlins series. Player First released a trailer for the upcoming addition to the MultiVersus cast last week. Even though the gremlin’s name wasn’t explicitly revealed, it proved Stripe was on the way. However, it should be obvious from today’s disclosure of Stripe’s anticipated powers that Stripe will soon be playable in MultiVersus.


Multiverse has been anticipating Stripe for some time. As part of the launch of MultiVersus Season 1, Player First first announced Stripe’s arrival. Two forthcoming MultiVersus characters, Stripe and Black Adam, were told by the announcement. Although Black Adam has not yet been published, Gizmo, another Gremlins character, did so in early September. Stripe eventually joined the roster, and it appears he is now getting his chance.

On Friday, Player First posted a tweet outlining a “Class Breakdown” for Stripe that included the character’s fundamental skills. First, the article announced Stripe would succeed Arya Stark, Finn, and Harley Quinn as the next Assassin for MultiVersus. Then it listed Stripe’s three skills: Sharpshooter, which launches a projectile. Chain (saw) Reaction binds Stripe with a chainsaw, and Nasty Swipes, a physical combination that ends in a bite.

MultiVersus’ assassin class is fairly vague, but that can be said about most of the game’s classes. They are meant to be highly mobile, relatively flimsy, and high-damage dealers. Given his skills, it’s unclear how Stripe will fall into this category. However, scurrying around while wielding a chainsaw might be appropriate. Using a projectile, especially one that doesn’t emphasize movement as Arya’s knife does, appears to go against the Assassin’s way of life.


Stripe is expected to become playable for MultiVersus players “next week,” according to the developer. Although a precise release date has not yet been determined, MultiVersus users may anticipate an official update from Player First once the workweeks resume. Additionally, Stripe won’t be the season’s last remaining character. November 15 marks the official conclusion of MultiVersus Season 1, giving Player First plenty of time to add new content. The only character left to be revealed Black Adam, but don’t be shocked if Player First still has some surprises up its sleeve for the next month.

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