Murder of young teacher Sabina Nessa makes women in London worries it could be them

“The police said they… left her home to meet her boyfriend in a local pub and it was just five minutes’ walk for her. We often go to this pub and that’s it? also about five, 10 minutes walk for us. You feel it may have happened to you. It can happen anywhere,” Aliya Isaeva, a young mother who has lived in the area for about two years, CNN told CNN.

Isaeva and her husband moved to Kidbrooke because it felt like An good place raise one family; a quiet suburb of London, less than 20 minutes away met the train from central London. Like a prime residential area, Kidbrooke has benefited from huge investments in recent years. new-built apartment buildings with carefully landscaped lawns surround the train station. Over the tracks, a lot more to be built.

Isaeva and her friend and fellow mother Sueda Ciftci said they are visiting the park where the 28-year-old teacher was murdered last Friday at least once a week. They have always felt safe there. “We chose this area because there are many of parks. It is a good family area’ said Ciftci.

The neighborhood is still struggling to come terms with the murder. During the week, people laid flowers in the park, lighting candles and leaving notes for Nessas family. When a vigil was held in a square just up the road from the park on Friday night, big crowds of people, largely women, turned around up.

Many had difficulty holding on back their tears when Nessa’s sister Jebina Yasmin Islam told them over the pain die she and her had family to experience. “This feels like were stuck in An bad dream and we can’t get out of it,” she said. “We’ve lost our sister, my… parents Are their… lost daughter and my girls have lost such a brilliant, loving, caring aunt.”

Jebina Nessa pays tribute to her sister Sabina Nessa during the wake.

Gender Violence Epidemic

Nessas killing has sparked renewed outrage over the British epidemic of violence against women and girls. Nessa is believed to have been murdered on her short journey through the park, with her body found on Saturday afternoon, close to a nearby community Centre.

“To be just an infinite cycle of violence against women and it’s really depressing,” Jamie Klingler, one of the co-founders of the Reclaim These Streets campaign group, told CNN.

The group was formed after the attack and murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard in Can. Everard went missing after leaving a friend’s house house in Clapham, South London, on May 3, and her disappearance sparked a deluge over social media by women share their own experiences of assault and intimidation. A Metropolitan Police officer later pleaded guilty to kill her.

Klingler said that the murder of Nessa showed nothing has changed in the six months since Everard was murdered in Can. “Violence against women is not [in] the top three priorities of any police department in England of Wales. We don’t even score. Nobody takes this seriously,” she says.

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According to the safety app WalkSafe, 112 violent and sex crimes have been reported within a radius of 1.5 kilometers of the park where Nessa was murdered, just in July, the most recent month for which police figures are? available.

“At the moment the [local] advises out panic alarms and they give out pieces of paper says you must walk with someone… how is it all on us to protect ourselves in instead of on society and the government and the police to keep us alive?” said Klingler.

at the wake on On Friday, Clive Efford, the local MP, said 78 women have died in violent attacks since Everard was murdered in Can.

Efford said a cultural change was needed place in the UK. “That Sexist” jokes Which just slip off the tongue around the coffee machine, that’s where it starts, that’s the small steps die the create environment true people feel that they can become violent and aggressive towards women and girls, so if we want to bring about change, we must live die change and be die change,” he said to the crowd’s applause.

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The British government in July unveiled a new plan to tackle violence against women and girls. But campaigners have said it doesn’t go far enough. Refuge, a charity die helps women who his victims of domestic violence, said the plan did not provide adequate funding and was missing out on a chance to real changes in place.

Manuela Colombini, who has lived in the area for about 15 years old, said she felt it was her duty to attend the vigil to show her solidarity with Nessas family and make her voice heard. “We want to feel safe. i have two young daughters and not me want they grow up and think they can’t go out in the streets of to a park in the neighborhood where we take our dogs,” she said. “It’s important to be able to show that we are here and that this is not acceptable,” she said.

Most of die who collected in kidbrooke on Friday not know Nessa personally. Like Colombini, they came because they wanted until support the community, take a stand in and ensure her story is not forgotten. When one of the speakers encouraged the crowd to say Nessa’s name, they did, the sound of hundreds of voices echo through the square: “Sabina Nessa. Sabina Nessa. Sabina Nessa.”

CNN’s Nada Bashir, Mick Krever, Eliza Mackintosh, and Kara Fox contributed to this article.

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