Musical adventure indie title Across the Grooves spins onto PC and Switch in June

Across the Grooves, the upcoming musical adventure indie title from French studio Nova-box, will land on PC and Nintendo Switch on June 17.

The time-traveling secret game’s launch date was exposed in a new trailer posted to Nova-box’s YouTube channel. Regardless Of the video offering no indicator that Across the Grooves would be playable on the Switch, the game will be pertaining to Nintendo’s hybrid console on the very same date.

Across the Grooves is a hand-painted, interactive graphic novel that checks out fate, the options we make, and how our memories are linked with the music we listen to– or hear– every day. com/watch? v= okU2NKPVtJY

Players are put in the shoes of Alice, a Bordeaux-based female who leads an uneventful life up until her ex-boyfriend Ulysse sends her a mystical vinyl record in the mail. After listening to the album and reliving specifying minutes from her past, Alice goes back to the present and discovers it entirely changed.

Identified to get her original life back, Alice should track Ulysse across Europe and unwind the relatively wonderful secret behind the uniquerecord Players will be required to choose as Alice embarks on her quest across alternate truths, and each decision made will modify Alice’s understanding of herself and the world.

As a music- centric indie title, Across the Grooves‘ soundtrack will shift and adapt with every choice you make and — thanks to its multiple story paths — ensures that different gamers will achieve different endings to Alice’ s story.

Across the Grooves, which will also be launched on Mac and Linux, is available to add to your Steam wishlist now, and will be buyable on the Nintendo eShop on June 17.

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