Musk Celebrates Positive News on Twitter!

In good news that could be good for many, US billionaire Elon Musk said on Tuesday that the Twitter platform’s algorithm will go open source next week.

“Be prepared to be disappointed at first when our algorithm goes open source next week, but it will improve quickly,” he added. in a tweet via Bluebird, Tuesday.

‘More transparency’

The words of the owner of the Tesla have arrived in response to a user who said he’d be “really impressed” if that happened.

Musk, who usually claims he has “absolute freedom of speech,” especially since he’s been polling users’ opinions to make important decisions on Twitter, has repeatedly argued in passed the idea of ​​making the platform algorithm open source, according to Insider.

This was done because he sees this feature as a step towards greater transparency in the platform.

What is “open source”?

It is stated that “open source” usually refers to software or source code that is publicly accessible for anyone to view, modify, and redistribute.

And last March, Musk asked his followers to make the algorithm open source.

He wrote on Twitter at the time, “I’m concerned that the bias in Twitter’s algorithm will significantly impact public discourse … How do we know what’s really going on?”

Last May, Musk tweeted that the algorithm was being manipulated in ways that the user was unaware of.

He also said, “I’m not suggesting that the algorithm cheats, rather it tries to guess what you might want to read, and in doing so is manipulated into inadvertently amplifying your views without you realizing it’s happening.”

Thomas Davidson, a sociology professor at Rutgers University and an expert on hate speech on social mediahas previously said that making Twitter’s algorithm open source and available to researchers could help thwart extremist speech and determine how it spreads.

Until Musk recently concluded that open source was the way forward for a reliable and efficient solution, according to him.