Musk decides to activate the account of former US president Trump on Twitter

The new owner of the Twitter platform, Elon Musk, announced on Saturday that he will reactivate former US President Donald Trump’s account on this social networkafter his account was banned after some of his supporters stormed the US Congress building on January 6, 2021.

Musk wrote on his Twitter account: “The public has said its word. Trump will return”, after the positive result of a poll that Musk launched to decide on the reactivation of the former US president’s account. Most Twitter users supported Trump’s return to the platform.

The result of the referendum, which Musk launched on Friday night, was in favor of Trump by a slight percentage, with 51.8% approval, against 48.2% rejection. About 15 million Twitter users took part in the survey.

On Friday morning, Musk reported that several suspended user accounts had been restored to the platform.

He tweeted: “Twitter’s new policy is freedom of expression, not freedom of access” to the public, promising to reduce “hate tweets” in future.

On Friday evening, Musk launched a new poll titled: “Former President Trump Returns? Yes/No.”

In a new development, the American network “CBS” has announced in wave that will temporarily suspend the use of the site social networking Twitter, in light of the ambiguity surrounding Musk’s handling of the popular site.

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