Musk opposes those who oppose Twitter’s pricing – you’ll pay $ 8

American billionaire Elon Musk did not stop with harsh criticism of his decision to impose $ 8 on verified accounts on the site social network Twitter, but went on to challenge them.

Hours after Tesla’s owner, and the new CEO of Blue Bird, announced the royalty imposition, he returned and confirmed in a new tweet to the critics, who didn’t mind their objections continuing, but still had to pay $ 8.

Musk’s tweet was a clear response to those complaining about the new rates, telling them that this would never dissuade the owner of the question from his opinion.

The controversy over the blue sign

These developments came just hours after Musk announced on Tuesday that the company would be charging a $ 8-per-month fee for the blue tick service, while looking to increase subscriptions and make the social network less dependent on ads.

“The current system of lords and peasants on Twitter, whether or not it has a blue check mark, makes no sense,” wrote Musk. in a tweet through his account, adding: “Power to the people! Blue for $ 8 a month”. indicating that the price will be adequate in based on the purchasing power of each country.

He also posted a tweet dressed as “Superman” and wrote “$ 8 .. yes”, referring to the blue verification mark that appears next to verified accounts.

Musk said today, Tuesday, that subscribers with blue ticks will have priority in responses, mentions and searches, they will be in able to post longer video and audio recordings and will see half of the ads.

For $ 44 billion

Interestingly, Musk acquired Twitter last Thursday for $ 44 billion after many months of back and forth.

Since completing the takeover deal, Musk has moved quickly to put his brand on the company, firing his former boss, Paraj Agrawal, and other senior company officials last week.

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