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Musk ordered him to fire employees, so he threw up in the trash!

After Twitter’s new owner and CEO Elon Musk ordered him to lay off hundreds of employees as part of the company’s decision to halve its workforce, one of the manager Twitter threw up after receiving this order!

In detail, current and former Twitter employees revealed to the Times that several workers learned of the mass layoffs through Slack, an internal channel. in which human resources and team lawyers discussed the upcoming move two days before it began on November 4.

3738 workers

A widely shared message on Slack indicated that up to 3,738 workers could be fired. Employees immediately began greeting colleagues and exchanging information, the New York Post reported Friday.

Additionally, Musk’s consultants called a technical director and provided him with a list of hundreds of people he needed to fire. All he had to do was throw up in a garbage can that was next to him.

On November 3, employees received an email in which informed that they would be informed of their situation with the company the next morning. On November 4, half of Twitter’s workforce, including 80 percent of its technical staff, “disappeared.”

awkward move

While those who remained “slept in office where they worked hard to fulfill Musk’s orders, “according to a New York Times report.

However, in an embarrassing move, dozens of fired workers were asked to return because some were fired in error, while others were fired before management realized that their work and experience were of potential value to. help build new features Musk wanted for Twitter. according to a “Bloomberg” report, citing two people familiar with the matter.

The possibility of bankruptcy of the company .. and resignation

Interestingly, after the massacre of layoffs, Musk informed his employees Thursday of the possibility of the company going bankrupt. Coinciding with this announcement, multiple executives have stepped down, including Human Resources Director Kathleen Pacini, Head of Trust and Security Division Yoel Roth, and Director of Advertising Robin Wheeler, according to 4 informed sources. to the New York Times.

This followed the resignations of three executives senior Twitter’s security, privacy and compliance officers on Wednesday, according to two people familiar with the matter and internal documents.

These are Chief Information Security Officer Leah Kesner, Chief Privacy Officer Damian Keran and Chief Compliance Officer Marian Fogarty, who resigned one day before the deadline to file a compliance report with the Federal Trade Commission, which oversees the practices privacy policy as part of the 2011 liquidation.

While the spokesman for that committee, Douglas Farrar, confirmed in a statement that “is following developments within Twitter with deep concern,” adding that no one is above the law.

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