Musk raises controversy with a tweet on the “presence of Japan”: it would be a great loss for the world

Elon Musk warned that Japan “will not exist” unless it addresses the low birth rate, urging the country to allow more immigration and improve the work-life balance.

“Unless something changes that causes the birth rate to exceed the death rate, Japan will eventually cease to exist, and that will be a great loss to the world,” Musk said. in a tweet on Twitter, which recently announced a deal to purchase the app for $ 44 billion.

Musk, that in previously expressed concern about the collapse of the world population, he was commenting on government data which revealed that Japan’s population has declined by one record of 644,000 last year, the 11th consecutive year of decline, according to a report by the British newspaper “The Guardian”. seen from it Al Arabiya Net.

Some users of the social media they claimed that Japan was not the only economy in via development to suffer from a prolonged population decline, but others have used Musk’s tweet to criticize tepid attempts by successive governments to raise the birth rate in the world’s third largest economy.

Japan’s population peaked in 2008 and dropped to around 125 million last year, despite government warnings about the impact on economic growth and campaigns to encourage couples to have larger families.

According to government data, around 29% of the population is made up of people aged 65 and over.

Japanese government activists have called for a further relaxation of the country’s strict immigration rules after the coronavirus pandemic thwarted plans to accept up to half a million workers by 2025, to address a severe labor shortage.

Another said: “They constantly say that the birth rate is falling, but since the government is not taking any measures. complete to face it, what can we say? They say one thing and do other things that contradict it. “

For Japan’s low birth rate, experts blame several factors, including the high financial cost of raising children, poor childcare availability, and notoriously long working hours.

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