Musk replies: How long will the US economic downturn last?

American businessman Elon Musk predicted the period of time during which the US economy will enter recession in light of higher interest rates by the US Federal Reserve and rising inflation.

And the American businessman believes that the recession in the American economy will last until the spring of 2024. In response to a question from one of his Twitter followers, Musk said: “I’m only guessing, but it’s possible that (the crisis will continue) until the spring of 2024.”

Earlier, US President Joe Biden acknowledged that the US may face an economic recession, but it “will not be of a significant nature.”

The US debt for the first time in history exceeded $31 trillion and by October 3, 2022 was equal to 31 trillion 123 billion 887 million and 781 thousand 401 dollars 34 cents, according to the US Department of the Treasury. .

Source: RIA Novosti