Musk reveals his vision to Twitter: we want to make it a broad and reliable service

Billionaire Elon Musk said today Tuesday that he seeks to make Twitter a broad and reliable service as a system and inclusive of all groups.

Musk has reached an agreement with the owners of the platform to acquire it for $ 44 billion and is moving forward providing funding sources for the deal.

Musk also said: “We at Twitter are in war to correct course, “stressing that Twitter shouldn’t be a platform to fool people for their money.

It also promised to get rid of “Twitter bots, scammers and booby traps”.

In the latest developments in the deal, which caused a global uproar, informed sources told “Reuters” that Musk is in talks with large investment firms and high-ranking wealthy individuals, regarding injecting more funds into its $ 44 billion acquisition of Twitter, and linking less of its wealth. by agreement.

Musk is the richest person in the world, with Forbes estimating his net worth at $ 245 billion, but most of his fortune is tied to the shares of Tesla, the maker of auto of which it heads. Last week, he announced he had sold $ 8.5 billion worth of Tesla stock in the wake of his Twitter buyout deal.

Sources said the new funding, which could come in the form of preferred or common stock, could reduce a contribution in $ 21 billion cash that Musk had pledged to pay in the deal, as well as a marginal loan he secured against his Tesla stock.

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