Musk: SpaceX is losing, but we haven’t received any money from the Pentagon

After senior US officials confirmed the Pentagon would take in consideration of paying for Starlink’s Internet service in Ukraine, billionaire Elon Musk announced that SpaceX’s Starlink services had not received any funding from the US Department of Defense.

The richest man in the world, who also runs Tesla, said that “SpaceX loses nearly $ 20 million a month in unpaid services and costs related to security measures to protect the Internet, but will continue to do so, “Reuters reported today.

without money

He also added that “there is no money from the Ministry of Defense, but many countries, institutions and individuals are paying for 11,000 / 25,000 terminals”.

He also added that SpaceX spends around $ 20 million a month to maintain satellite services in Ukraine and spent around $ 80 million to enable and support Starlink there.

Request for the Pentagon

Interestingly, the American billionaire announced two days ago that he had withdrawn the Pentagon’s funding application for his company’s services.

The issue of Starlink’s cost coverage was raised last week, after the company filed a request with the Pentagon about it, noting that it could no longer cover its expenses on Ukrainian soil.

This move came from the Musk company, after a young man’s relations with Kiev had become strained, following his proposal about two weeks ago, to end the conflict with Russia, giving up some of his lands, which angered many Ukrainian officials who attacked him in that moment, after they had been Give it thanks and praise.

Starlink services are part of the SpaceX division, designed to provide high-speed Internet to customers who pay for certain subscriptions, through a growing fleet of satellites. Customers in they typically pay $ 110 per month for a Starlink Internet connection, plus $ 599 for hardware.

This service provided important support to the Ukrainian army, which used it to communicate between its units, and for other purposes, during its campaign against Russian forces, which launched a military operation still today. in course, on the Ukrainian territory on February 24.

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