Musk suggests a surprise They will pay for Twitter!

The American billionaire Elon Musk never tires, as usual, of thrilling his people followers through his tweets, in which each time presents a surprise of the highest level, which resounds for days, causing waves of controversy for days on the sites of social network.

In the novelty of these surprises, Musk announced in a tweet today, Wednesday, that Twitter will remain free for ordinary users, but may require a small fee for its use by some commercial and government institutions.

This claim has come as President Tesla seeks to increase the number of users of the popular platform social networking in the United States.

And since last month, the controversial man has been talking about a number of changes he could make to the blue bird, following his recent acquisition of the company, in order to improve the giant platform and add new features.

Informed sources also revealed yesterday that Musk, who is ranked among the richest people in the world, has in program to transform Twitter in a joint stock company within three years of the company’s purchase of social networking, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Twitter will go public within 3 years

Elon has apparently told potential investors that he plans to organize an initial public offering to bring Twitter back to the public market.

Interestingly, Musk is the richest in the world, with Forbes magazine estimating his net worth in about 245 billion dollars.

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But most of his fortune is tied to the shares of Tesla, the famous manufacturer of auto of which it heads.

Last week, the man announced that he had sold $ 8.5 billion worth of Tesla stock in the wake of his Twitter buyout deal.

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