Musk: We’re starting to ban fake Twitter accounts

The American businessman and owner of the platform social network “Twitter”, Elon Musk, claimed that the social network started banning fake accounts.

And Musk posted a tweet on his personal page on the platform, saying, “The network has started deleting many fake accounts, so there will be a decrease in the number of followers.”

Musk had stated in previously that this process would take place, and that the network had decided to postpone the resumption of sales of verification subscriptions until platform management online was not convinced of the possibility of preventing users from impersonating others.

And in early December, European market affairs commissioner Thierry Breton warned Musk and called for more efforts to fight the false information on Twitter in order to comply with European Union law.

Bruton said Twitter should implement transparent policies, strengthen content moderation, protect freedom of expression, resolutely handle information false and limit targeted advertising.

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