MX vs ATV Legends Update 1.08 – Patch Notes on July 23, 2022

A new update has been released for MX vs ATV Legends Update 1.08. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. MX vs ATV Legends Update 1.08 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.


– Added controller settings
– Audio: Fixes for music, engine and drive-on audio
– Physics: Improved vehicle cornering, bounciness, gearbox behaviour and deformation physics feedback
– Performance: Improved framerate and loading times
– Online: Added Trails Freeride and 2022 Pro Nationals servers
– PS5: Crash fixes

Detailed changelog:

• UI: Added controller settings
• UI: Hide HUD messages during end-of-race
• UI: Fix for camera glitching/jittering in the menus
• UI: Improved lighting and visual detail in menus/garage
• VFX: Fix for missing VFX on ATV&UTV in some cases
• VFX: Improved look of roost/dust
• Audio: Fixes to music player for more consistent volume and quality
• Audio: Updated 250 2-stroke engine sound
• Audio: Improvements to Drive-On sounds
• Audio: General quality improvements
• Physics (Gearbox): Improved automatic shifting logic to prevent random loss of momentum due to the automatic clutch not working properly
• Physics (Gearbox): Improved automatic shifting logic when down-shifting to keep the engine in a better RPM range per-gear
• Physics (Suspension): Improved to reduce amount of bounces that can happen when landing hard and bottoming-out
• Physics (Wrecking): Improved wreck-avoidance and wreck triggers so they are more consistent across all MX bikes
• Physics (Traction): Increased overall traction to make hitting ruts and turning sharp easier and more rewarding
• Physics (Terrain Deformation): Increased deformation physics feedback to improve the behavior in ruts and elsewhere
• Environments: Fixed rendering issue with jumbotrons in some stadiums
• Environments: Fix for trails flags/banners/signage not being the correct color
• Environments: Fix for floating assets under some progression scenarios in the Compound
• Terrain Deformation: Fixed issue with terrain deformation not working in some Alpine maps
• Terrain Deformation: Improvement to terrain deformation behavior & rate in Supercross maps Orlando, Salt Lake & Detroit
• Terrain Deformation: General improvements & bugfixes
• AI: Added more pro riders & AI profiles
• Localization: Improved translations for various languages
• Online: Added DLC support for dedicated servers & online playlists
• Online: Added Freeride Trails online playlist
• Online: Added 2022 AMA Pro Nationals playlist
• DLC: 2022 Loretta Lynns now unlocked
• Misc: Load time improvements (All Platforms)
• Misc: Fix for issue where forward career progress would be prevented due to the required NPC being unavailable/not ineractable
• PS5: Fix for common crash bug & failure to load sections of map in Desert environments
• Xbox:
• Many other smaller bugfixes not called out above

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