My big stars of the gypsy marriage had a suicide pact after a diagnosis of cancer, says the family – “They could not live without them”

Last weekend, twin brothers Billy and Joe Smith – who starred in the British show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding – were both found hanging from a tree after apparent suicide. Now the family is talking about the brothers, saying that they had a “suicide pact” after Joe’s cancer diagnosis, and that the two men also suffered from depression.

According to the Daily Mail, Kent police closed a lane in the Sevenoaks area after the bodies of two 32-year-old men were found hanging in a tree on Saturday morning. Although police have not released the names of the victims, family and friends say the bodies were Billy and Joe Smith.

My brothers Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Billy and Joe Smith paid tribute: Billy and Joe Smith, who were found dead on a country road, were supposed to be “such great figures”.

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Their cousin, Phoebe Charleen Smith, says that Joe has been diagnosed with cancer, and it’s something that Billy struggled to manage. Another source said the family was worried about the brothers because they were struggling with depression.

“Joey had cancer, and Billy said,” I could never live without you, “said the cousin. “Joey told the family that he got the green light after chemo two months ago, but we don’t know if it’s true now. They disappeared and Joey’s phone was turned off, so we we knew something was wrong. “

Phoebe said the family found a note saying they wanted it to happen, and then her uncle ran and found them in the woods where they played together when they were kids.

Billy and Joe just celebrated their birthday on December 16 and a few days ago they were caught dancing and singing together. Paddy Doherty, who co-starred with the twins on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, posted a video on social media and called it a “terrible tragedy.” Doherty also asked for family prayers.

In so many closed communities, depression and anxiety are rampant. People have encouraged not to leave the community for help, but the community treats them as outcasts. The empowerment of women, the machismo, the shame of mental health all contribute to it. Https: //

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Billy Welch, spokesperson for the Roma community in Britain, said that his community “often suffers in silence” and this tragedy should be a wake-up call regarding the high suicide rates in the traveling community.

One of the twins’ neighbors said there was no sign that something like this would happen. They added that Billy and Joe were “always so close” and that they “lived for each other”.


Billy and Joe Smith appeared in season 3 of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding at the age of 24. During one episode, they talked about their lives as travelers and shared their dreams of getting married and starting their own family.

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