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My predecessor ends a girl’s life in tragic way and his family tells the details

A Turkish girl died hours ago after being transported in a hospital near the place in where the accident occurred and fell from the roof of a four-storey building in the Ortaja area, in the coastal and tourist state of Mugla, on the Aegean Sea. How did it happen?

In detail, the 15-year-old girl, Malika Gon Kanavizlar, was trying to take a selfie on the edge of the roof of the four-story building, but her cell phone fell out of her hand and she scrambled up as an automatic reaction to picking it up. , but she lost her balance, which eventually caused her to fall from that high place in middle of the road, according to the video clips taken by the surveillance cameras in a shop near the building where he resides with his family.

His family, very shocked, told ai media local that a selfie caused her daughter’s death, as she was trying to take it yesterday, as her phone fell out of her hands, so she rushed to pick it up from the edge of the roof, but fell quickly in road when she bent down to hold the phone, which fell a meter away from one of them.

And his family warned: Families should pay attention to their children when they try to take pictures from dangerous places, according to media locals, who also quoted her family as saying “the selfie killed her daughter”.

Although ambulances arrived on the scene a short time later and transported Kanavizlar in hospital after the medical team provided first aid at the scene of his fall, his severe injuries led to his death several hours later.

At the same time, the Turkish police started investigations to find out exactly how she fell and if the victim committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the building or if someone had committed this crime.

Although the family assured the police that taking a selfie led to the death of their daughter, the police are obliged to conduct a thorough investigation to find out what happened. cause exact of the death, but so far he has not questioned any of the family members to find provide further information on the incident, especially since his family lives in a state of shock and sadness over the death of her daughter.

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