Myanmar. Control pro-military diplomats die London embassy

The Myanmar Military Council ordered its diplomats in London to dismiss the British convicted ambassador for Aung San Suu Kyi while a famous representative on Thursday in Rangoon was arrested.

The bloody suppression of the pro-democracy movement by die Security guards, die has rocked the country for more than two months, has not diminished in the face of international outrage.

Diplomats in confiscated near the junta die Burmese embassy in London and denied access to the building by Ambassador Kyaw Min Zuwar, who supports Suu Kyi.

Kyaw Zuar Min said that the military attache die control over die Embassy took over and “a kind of coup movement” in denounced a diplomatically tense atmosphere.

British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab sentenced on Thursday die “Intimidation” of the Burmese military group after capturing the Burmese embassy in London.

“We condemn yesterday die Intimidation of the Burmese military regime in London, “he said in a message on Twitter. He welcomed the “courage” of the Burmese ambassador and reiterated his call for an end to the “terrible violence … and the swift return of democracy” following the February 1st military coup in Burma.

According to the Association in Support of Political Prisoners, 12 people were killed on Wednesday. The NGO reported that 600 civilians – including 50 children and boys – have been killed since the coup.

More than 2,800 people have been arrested and large numbers are missing. In the meantime, will die Law enforcement campaign continued. Arrest warrants have been issued for 120 celebrities, including singers, journalists and models, for disseminating information, die a rebellion in the ranks of the armed forces.

“Give us back our hero”

Among them is Bing Takach, a famous model, actor and singer in Burma and Thailand.

The 24-year-old was out of his mother’s house on Thursday morning in Rangoon arrested “by fifty police officers and soldiers and imprisoned,” said his older sister TT Lewin on Facebook.

On Wednesday he said in his last message on the Internet that he has “not been in good health for days”. The actor was one of the first characters die condemned the coup.

And messages of support spread in social media like “I’m very sad” and “Give us back our heroes”. The number of his followers reached one million before the closure of his Facebook and Instagram pages.

The mobilization to demand democracy did not slacken as thousands of workers did in went on strike and paralyzed entire sectors of the economy. But die The number of demonstrators fell for fear of reprisals.

The Political Prisoner Support Association stated, die Oppression is “on die rural areas concentrated “.

Shoes against junta

In cities, protesters are trying to find ways to make their voices heard.

On Thursday bat E. Thinzar Mong, one of the protest leaders, die Residents to symbolize every absent protester with shoes.

According to photos, die in posted on social media, dozens of yellow flower shoes have been posted on the streets of Mandalay.

In Rangoon, shoes were put on at bus stops, some of which were decorated with red roses in honor of the “shot heroes”.

On Wednesday, clashes broke out between the army and the Karen National Unit, one of the country’s main armed ethnic factions, die resulted in a death.

The Karen National Unit and about 10 rebel factions offered their support for die Movement for democracy die die Fear of civil war in a country that has been used to ethnic conflict since its independence in 1948.

Great Britain, die United States and die European Union imposed sanctions against die Junta and its leader, General Ming Ong Hlaing.

China and Russia, allies of the Myanmar military, reject die Idea of ​​coercive measures.

Meanwhile there is a resistance group in Talks with UN investigators about die alleged atrocities.

The resistance group claims to have collected 200,000 items, die the occurrence of human rights violations “in from arbitrary executions to torture and illegal detention.

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