Myanmar rebels shoot down a military helicopter … and die Army responds

A leader of the Kachin Independence Army said one of the strongest Myanmar rebel groupsToday, Monday, has die Group shot down a helicopter after army air raids.

The United Nations estimates that tens of thousands of civilians face fighting between the army and ethnic minority insurgents in fled the remote northern and eastern border areas. The fighting escalated after die Army chiefs on February 1st die Power seized and die overthrown the elected government led by Aung San Suu Kyi.

The head of the Kachin Independence Army Information Department said the helicopter was in was shot down near the village of Momok in the Kachin district. “The military council has had air strikes since eight or nine in the morning in started this area with fighter jets and gunfire with helicopters. That’s why we shot them, “he said in telephone explanations.

A resident of the area said four people died in the hospital after artillery shells hit Dera in the village.

And local media reported that Myanmar’s security forces opposed some of the biggest protests on Sunday die Military rule shot and fast killed eight people three months after the coup.

Thousands demonstrated in Myanmar, die Rejecting military rule more than three months after the February 1 coup, and media reports showed eight people were killed when security forces returned fire in at least three locations.

The protests die bloodiest in a few days, coincided with demonstrations by communities of Myanmar citizens around the world, die dubbed the “Myanmar Global Spring Revolution” by the organizers. The organizers wrote a statement: “May die Voice of the unity of the Myanmar people die Shake the world. “

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