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Mysterious Suicide After Weeks of Conversing with an Artificial Intelligence Robot

Recently, there has been a surge in exciting stories related to AI conversations, the latest being the incident of a Belgian man who allegedly committed suicide after having a conversation with an intelligent robot.

Reports from Belgium said the man talked to the robot for six weeks about climate change, but the conversation became increasingly “confused and harmful” and he took his own life.

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The man’s wife has revealed that he would not have committed suicide were it not for these conversations with the smart robot, according to Livemint.

The story began when a man named Pierre became very concerned about the environment and climate change about two years ago.

Addicted to Eliza!

Then he started talking to Elisa, a chatbot that uses GPT-J, an open source AI language model created by EleutherAI.

His wife said ‘Eliza’ became her close friend and was ‘like a drug he was addicted to morning and night and could not live without’.

But after six weeks of intense and long conversations, the man committed suicide and reports indicated that he committed suicide in change of the robot “Eliza” who was taking care of the planet to save humanity.

The cause of the suicide is unknown

While it is still unclear whether the man suffered from a mental illness before committing suicide, reports indicate he isolated himself from friends and family before taking his own life.

The victim’s family met with Mathieu Michel, the Belgian state minister for digitalisation, last week, where he was struck by the family’s tragedy, seeing what happened as a dangerous precedent that must be taken seriously.

The phenomenon of artificial intelligence

The minister also stressed that such cases illustrate the importance of “defining responsibilities clearly”.

“With the advent of ChatGPT, the public in general is more aware than ever of the potential of AI in our lives,” he said.

He added that it is crucial to identify the nature of the responsibilities they have contributed to tale event.


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