Mystery defines Zidane’s destination next season

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Sui media French has caused a large-scale outcry, after the statements of the president of the Football Association Noel Le Graet, during which he revealed that the direction of the legend Zinedine Zidane in the next phase, due to the difficulty of predicting his future with the rooster team, in The ambiguity of the position of the current manager, Didier Deschamps, and his instability with the managers over the decision to leave immediately after the expiration of his contract at the end of quest’year. Most reports indicated that Zizou could have continued his long vacation, until now in which he had waited for years, he arrived, giving him the leadership of the French national team, to succeed his fellow stadium Deschamps, immediately after the expiration of his contract with the Soccer Association after the World Cup in Qatar 2022. However, the statements released by the official newspaper Al -Barez, “L’Equipe”, have unveiled another scenario that is now being cooked over a low heat. Le Graet said: “I have agreed with Deschamps to postpone his future practice, whether it was his desire to renew or something else after the World Cup. in Qatar, and I don’t think I caused your anger, Zinedine Zidane? There is no doubt that he has shown his qualities as a great manager in his work with Real Madrid and, above all, we are talking about a historic player and a symbol for the French. “Contrary to what he had hinted last year about the possibility of seeing Algerian of origin at the helm of the French national team during the period post- world championship, the head of the football system in France admitted that priority in in any case it would not be that Zidane, but rather “it would be one of the options if Deschamps wanted to leave at the end of the year”. In conclusion, he blew up the press bomb, saying: “Maybe we will see Zidane as Paris Saint-Germain manager. in future, and for me I will not be surprised if this happens “, confirming the authenticity of the story circulated on media French in the few weeks and days, on the approach of the club Parisian to gain Zidane’s approval, to lead the dream team, which is full of resonant names and legends, in hopes of accomplishing what Argentine Mauricio Pochettino was not in able to do, in other words, break the knot of the European Champions League, as he did 3 times in his first training period with Real Madrid. It is known that Zidane has not practiced the profession of coach since he resigned as manager of Real Madrid in the summer of 2021. From time to time in so much there are conflicting rumors about his future and the offers he receives during the payback period and charging for battery work, similar to the Scandinavian succession offer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to United, which was rejected, until his wife’s desire and objection to the idea of ​​living in Manchester, as they said in the media and in the sites of social network of the era, and now it is in tops the list of candidates to lead the Parisian giant next season, with Pochettino’s chances of survival in decrease.